Update History

Update Photogra V1.4.0
NEW: Single portfolio page
NEW: Single gallery page
NEW: Random slider homepage
NEW: Random slider project
NEW: Gallery mouse hover effect
NEW: Smooth text fading on slider
NEW: Set social icon open in new window or not
NEW: Set active menu color (color picker)
NEW: Blog featured image
FIXED: Some translation issue
FIXED: Wrong Google Plus url
Update Photogra V1.3.3
NEW: translation ready
FIXED: some font not show
FIXED: slider text not show on ipad
FIXED: some color not changing on chrome
Update Photogra V1.3.2
NEW: adjust space between menu from DE Panel
NEW: adjust sidebar width from DE Panel
NEW: more font added
FIXED: slider effects option
FIXED: some font not work
FIXED: some padding issue IE
FIXED: slider background issue on blog page
Update Photogra V1.3.0
NEW: Password protected gallery
NEW: Tweet widget
NEW: Secondary menu
NEW: Blog masonry layout
NEW: Individual background for multiple gallery
NEW: More social media
FIXED: Portfolio text not show
FIXED: G+ not work
FIXED: Flicker social icon misspeling
Update Photogra V1.2.3
NEW: Text supported for fullscreen home slider
NEW: Text supported for fullscreen portfolio slider
NEW: Using slider as text page background
NEW: 7+ more slider options
NEW: Individual style settings for mainmenu
NEW: Add url for slider item
NEW: Add url for portfolio item
FIXED: Float right content issue on IE 9
FIXED: Blog by categories
Update Photogra V1.2.2
NEW: thumbnail & category info for portfolio & gallery list (admin page)
FIXED: custom permalink issue
FIXED: page not found issue (multiple gallery page)
Update Photogra V1.2.1
NEW: Fullscreen Vimeo video
NEW: Select 'Pattern overlay' for background
NEW: Select template for 'Multiple Gallery'
NEW: Slider option 'Slide Interval'
NEW: Slider option 'Transition speed'
NEW: Slider option fit/strecth images
NEW: Add website description
NEW: Add website keywords
NEW: Latest xml demo data
FIXED: gallery thumbnail not show in IE7/IE8/IE9
FIXED: page layout issue in IE7/IE8/IE9
FIXED: Page not found issue on some category
FIXED: category title in multiple category display as term
FIXED: gallery with text columns issue
Update Photogra V1.2.0
NEW: Multiple Gallery supported
NEW: Slider - Autoplay option
NEW: Portfolio – show/hidden 'All'
FIXED: 'Cheatin uh' issue
Update Photogra V1.0.3
NEW: Video Background Support
Update Photogra V1.0.2
Version 1.0.2
FIXED: Slider issue in IE
NEW: Gallery template 2 columns with text
NEW: Gallery template 3 columns with text
NEW: Select slider effect from custom panel (Fade, Slide Top,Slide Right, Slide Bottom, Slide Left,Carousel Right, Carousel Left,None)